Niyah Soriano

Service Associate


“Always chose to look out for others and to be kind.”

A careful eye for detail as well as for quality helps Niyah to excel in her role as Service Associate for Sherlock Wealth.

Niyah’s aim is to provide a level of support for our advisers and our clients that exceeds their expectations.

“I love to focus on the small things that can create the wow,” she said.

With a certificate in Civil Service as well as in Office Administration, Niyah has joined Sherlock Wealth through Virtual Business Partners based in the Philippines.
“I really enjoy preparing resources and providing service that adds value to our client’s lives. I am happy for our clients when they chose to work with us because I know we will do a really good job,” she said.

Niyah’s ability to organise and plan makes her both a valuable team member and friend. Always looking out for those around her, Niyah is often referred to as the ‘mother’ of her friends. This care is also reflected in the effort and diligence she puts into her work.

In her spare time, Niyah enjoys free diving off the island where she lives. Her love for the sport has allowed her to explore the silent and comforting beauty of the ocean, as well as sight rare sea creatures such as Lionfish.

Her love for the ocean is reflected in her passion for supporting environmental conservation efforts. Niyah volunteers for coastal clean-ups every month, limits her consumption of plastic products and takes steps to reduce her carbon footprint.

When asked what she would tell her younger self about money, Niyah says that she would tell herself to start saving early in life.
“I began working when I was young, so that’s when I should have started saving a portion for the future,” she said.

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