Beyond You.

Our strength lies in our hearts and also in our smarts.

Estate Planning

Through our estate and legacy planning, we ensure your family wealth is maximised, preserved and transferred to the next generation and beyond.

From benefactor to beneficiaries, our multi-generational offering provides ongoing advice, education and counsel for all parties concerned.

Whether it’s chairing family meetings, sorting through technical details such as tax optimisation strategies, or reviewing and validating existing investment decisions and structures, our relationship-based approach will ensure your wealth is preserved and passed on effectively.

The conversation may be about money, but the issue is always about people.

Head of Advice

It’s the heart of what we do.


In a world full of choices,
this is why our clients chose us:

When I suffered a serious cycling accident, the comprehensive suite of insurances recommended by Sherlock Wealth were realised. We were able to have specific injuries and trauma benefits paid on top of a regular monthly income protection payment. This was invaluable during a period in my life when I was unable to work yet still had a family to support.

Dr Bruce Walker

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Without Andrew’s detailed knowledge of my insurance arrangements, I wouldn’t have known I had a right to claim when I became ill. Not only had Sherlock Wealth recommended the right insurances for me, but also recognised my right to make a claim which I didn’t know I had. They also assisted in making the claim and the payment I received from that has been life-changing.

Mark Worrall

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We wanted to express our enormous thanks to you and your team. First of all for your sage advice in terms of the policies we have taken out, and then of course for the way you’ve managed the claim process for us to shield us from having to deal with it directly. It’s quite a sum and as a result, we can pay off our mortgage, and completely shoulder the burden of the tests, consultations, and other expenses we face going forward.

Trauma Claim

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This has been the most comprehensive, well explained insurance overview that I have ever received from a financial adviser. Thank you!

Mandi Ford

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For me capital protection upfront was important. Insurance was front and centre. To know that I was going to be protected and that my children were going to be alright if something were to happen to me, helped me to sleep better at night.

Joanne Masters

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