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Over the years we have come to rely on Sherlock Wealth to take care of all our financial affairs and to see Andrew as our principal trusted adviser. Sherlock Wealth not only provide us with a track to run on through the provision of a complete financial plan but they also ensure we meet our financial and lifestyle goals through regular cashflow modelling.

In addition, when I suffered a serious cycling accident, the comprehensive suite of insurances recommended by Sherlock Wealth were realised. We were able to have specific injuries and trauma benefits paid on top of a regular monthly income protection payment. This was invaluable during a period in my life when I was unable to work yet still had a family to support.

Dr Bruce Walker

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I have been a client of the Sherlocks for more than 40 years. The sound advice I have received from Andrew in relation to building wealth through my self-managed superfund (SMSF) has led to its significant growth during that time. Andrew is always available to discuss and analyse the various changes in my situation as well as the constantly changing market. He also assists in implementing strategies to deal with such changes as they arise and he is there to deal with my technical queries about how I can use the SMSF for the benefit of myself and my family.

Additionally, without Andrew’s detailed knowledge of my insurance arrangements, I wouldn’t have known I had a right to claim when I became ill. Not only had Sherlock Wealth recommended the right insurances for me, but also recognised my right to make a claim which I didn’t know I had. They also assisted in making the claim and the payment I received from that has been life-changing.

Mark Worrall

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We wanted to express our enormous thanks to you and your team. First of all for your sage advice in terms of the policies we have taken out, and then of course for the way you’ve managed the claim process for us to shield us from having to deal with it directly. It’s quite a sum and as a result, we can pay off our mortgage, and completely shoulders the burden of the tests, consultations, and other expenses we face going forward.

Trauma Claim

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Since becoming a Sherlock Wealth client, my wife Jacinta and I have never felt more in control of our financial wellbeing and secure in the knowledge that if we implement the advice Sherlock Wealth provides us, we can live a life of our choosing. We are busy with work and raising 4 children and to know we have the professional support and guidance of Sherlock Wealth, who are genuinely invested in our future plans, gives us the certainty that we will be well placed for the years ahead.

I also wanted to say how proud we feel about your client service ethics and your commitment to the growth and development of the business.

Thanks Andrew, Jacqui and the team.

Rob and Jacinta Jones

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Having busy lives, we truly value the advice and care that Andrew and the team at Sherlock Wealth provide with regard to our financial planning and insurance needs. Andrew is the person we turn to when important life events take place and always helps us to make smart decisions in managing our finances and achieving what's important for our family.

Rachel and Brett Lunn

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I would say to anyone that you have to prioritise your financial affairs as an important part of your life. Too many people just float along. You need to make a conscious decision to say I am going to have a plan and that needs to include a savings plan, an investment plan, a leverage plan, a superannuation plan and a protection plan. I have found the ‘whole of affairs’ approach with Sherlock Wealth really valuable. They have made sure all of those boxes, such as my tax affairs and my estate planning, are ticked.

For me capital protection upfront was important. Insurance was front and centre. To know that I was going to be protected and that my children were going to be alright if something were to happen to me, helped me to sleep better at night.

The key trigger for me in seeking a financial adviser was a life changing event. Getting divorced not only changed my financial situation but meant that I now had to make all the big decisions by myself. I felt vulnerable, overwhelmed and exhausted and yet I knew I had to get all my ducks lined up in a way that would be good for me both in the short term and for the longer term. I needed a sounding board, someone who had empathy, someone who was honest – even in delivering difficult news - and someone I could trust. I imagine that is not an easy combination to achieve but I certainly got that with Andrew and Sherlock Wealth.

One of the things I really valued was going through things step by step. Andrew has a very calming and reassuring ambience about him which creates that trusted adviser, that safe space.

One of the most important things I have learned thought this process is the importance of having a plan. Having a financial adviser is like having a personal trainer – they make sure you turn up and stick to your plan!

Jo Masters

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To share our 'long-term' vision and 'retirement' plan and then to see THAT vision brought to life and to know that it is actually achievable has been so great!

All of the 'unknowns' have been taken away and all of our 'uncertainty' has been removed. We now have a clear vision, direction and roadmap with options for getting us to where we want to be.

It has been a great experience which has given us both a lot of confidence to make significant decisions with certainty. Sharing our details through the portal also made the process very efficient and easy.

Thomas Staunton

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Knowing that Andrew has our financial affairs in hand gives me such peace of mind. I get so much comfort in understanding where we are at, planning for our future and knowing that he is there if something unexpected were to happen. It all helps me to sleep better at night.

Jane and Charles Moore

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Sherlock Wealth have been amazing, and I have complete confidence I’m in the best hands.

Anna Tarrant

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Thank you for always being there to help with any questions that arise, no matter how crazy they may be. I'm grateful that everyone is so patient.

Susan Viles

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We have been clients of Sherlock Wealth for more than 20 years. Initially for insurance advice and then for comprehensive strategic wealth planning and
investment management.

Andrew and the team at Sherlock Wealth provide a rare combination of deep of technical proficiency and platform capability with unrivalled
integrity and trustworthiness.

Andrew has been a great sounding board for Georgie and I, helping us to navigate our way through many complexities, understanding each of our perspectives and then helping us find a pathway forward that works well for both of us and our family.

Guy and Georgie Fergusson

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I have been a client of Sherlock Wealth for more than 20 years. During this time I have enjoyed a proactive, engaged associations with the firm – always confident that our needs were front of mind and completely certain that should any form of claim ever arise it would be attended to expediently and without fuss. Impressively, as our circumstances changed they were anticipated by Sherlock Wealth and over time, even as our cover and risk profile increased, our premiums actually reduced. We cannot recommend Sherlock Wealth too highly.

Jane Tribe

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It's great to see how Sherlock Wealth are growing. Andrew and Jacqui have built on the strong foundations of the business, bringing in new and innovative ideas for their clients. They have a strong team culture and are a terrific home for young professionals committed to a career in financial planning.

Allison Dummett

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Congratulations Jacqui and Andrew. I really love it when business owners make decisions, are focused, willing to take measured risks and are open to innovation.

Andrew Rocks

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This has been the most comprehensive, well explained insurance overview that I have ever received from a financial adviser. Thank you!

Mandi Ford

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Sherlock Wealth form a core part of our professional services support network and are a firm we highly recommend. They have a high calibre team representing the height of professionalism and commercial smarts.

Our clients, who are typically professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs, really appreciate this.

Mark Kevin

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The Sherlock team are the most energetic, professional and down to earth team I've had the pleasure of working with in a long time. Their service to their clients is refreshing to see and anyone having worked with them, either directly or alongside will know this.

Bridget Matheson

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I have long admired the way Sherlock Wealth is run. First with Reg and now with Andrew – strength to strength.

Scott Hodgson

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Your team is knowledgeable, professional and the best company I've had the pleasure of working with over the last 7 years.

Industry Associate

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Sherlock Wealth is 100% one of the most professional and kind offices to help out with, nothing but an amazing team.

Shannon McGrath

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Your office and team are a really nice group to have a relationship with. I have approximately 200 adviser practices on my panel, and your team are a practice I like to deal with.

Taylor Thao

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Thank you for your services and personal care over the many years. You have continued to grow and expand on the business your father started and have always given me great service.

Greg Boston

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What a professional group of people! Krystal, the Practice Manager, always does business with a smile on her face. She is very personable, helpful and organised. Andrew and Jacqui are professional and approachable. They instil a sense of care and trust, which is so important in the finance world.

Industry Associate

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Sherlock Wealth not only makes a difference and cares about clients but show they do the same for their staff, friends and community around them and it shows.

Glenn Clay

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You are what I call "good people", it shows in your business, your clients, and I feel very lucky to be working with you.

Fiona Dimos

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Sherlock Wealth have the X factor! I feel fortunate to be part of a team that values delivering exceptional standards in everything they do.

Sam Foley

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I have been part of Sherlock Wealth since 2005.

Over the years, I have seen the many ways we have changed our client’s lives for the better through sound strategic planning and wealth protection.

It feels great knowing we are contributing to our client’s life and financial goals. I’ve also watched our business grow and our team culture transform into something very special.

I am proud and honoured to be a member of Team Sherlock!

Krystal Daniels

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I just wanted to express how impressive I found your newsletter.

Timing, length, practicality, design, content, subject:
I love it all.

Sharon McClafferty

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