Investing is a team sport

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.


Whether you’re looking for comprehensive investment advice or are ‘self-directed’ and looking for a trusted professional to validate your decisions, we can help.

Our partnership model ensures your investable assets, both inside and outside of super, are aligned to your values designed and managed to achieve your goals.

Led by our Owner and Head of Advice, Andrew Sherlock, our investment team provides you with modern service, technical engagement and decades of experience.

Because you are focussing on the endeavours that are generating your wealth, we are focussing on ensuring your investments are working hard for you and achieving your why.

Our investing strategies are founded on our ‘preservation of wealth’ investment philosophy and coupled with our experience in maximising the long game to achieve lifestyle goals.

Designing and managing your investment and asset portfolios within your overall plan, in a way that is tailored to your investing style, as well as to your situation, plays a critical role in achieving your long-term outcomes.

Using our extensive training, knowledge and research, we make sure good investment decisions are made. Our role in preventing you from making bad decisions is just as important as our role in helping you to make the good ones.

Head of Advice

Get your investments working hard
so you can relax.


In a world full of choices,
this is why our clients chose us:

Andrew is always available to discuss and analyse the various changes in my situation as well as the constantly changing market. He also assists in implementing strategies to deal with such changes as they arise and he is there to deal with my technical queries about how I can use the SMSF for the benefit of myself and my family.

Mark Worrall

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I have found the ‘whole of affairs’ approach with Sherlock Wealth really valuable. They have made sure all of those boxes, such as my tax affairs and my estate planning, are ticked. For me capital protection upfront was important. Insurance was front and centre. To know that I was going to be protected and that my children were going to be alright if something were to happen to me, helped me to sleep better at night.

Jo Masters

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All of the ‘unknowns’ have been taken away and all of our ‘uncertainty’ has been removed. We now have a clear vision, direction and roadmap with options for getting us to where we want to be.

Thomas Staunton

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We are busy with work and raising 4 children and to know we have the professional support and guidance of Sherlock Wealth, who are genuinely invested in our future plans, gives us the certainty that we will be well placed for the years ahead.

Rob and Jacinta Jones

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