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Episode 55 – Achieving through others – leading your financial services firm

In this episode, Scott Charlton from Slipstream Group talks with Jacqui Sherlock of Sherlock Wealth about leadership in professional service firms. They discuss a range of interesting topics, including engaging managers from a non-technical background to the role of CEO and the areas of the business that receive more attention as a consequence of the leader not having a client caseload. Join in for some great insights.

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VIDEO: Engine Room Podcast

In this episode of the Engine Room Podcast, Andrew Rocks is joined by Andrew and Jacqui Sherlock from Sherlock Wealth. They talk about the fifty-year evolution of their family-run financial planning business into a holistic advisory firm focused on delivering personalised service through strategic partnerships and technology while giving back to their community.

Read more When should I buy life insurance?

How do you know whether you have the right insurance cover to suit your needs. In this video, Andrew Sherlock and Victoria Sherlock explore the types of life insurance young people should be covered by and when they should look to get covered.

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In a world full of choices,
this is why our clients chose us:

Sherlock Wealth form a core part of our professional services support network and are a firm we highly recommend. They have a high calibre team representing the height of professionalism and commercial smarts. Our clients, who are typically professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs, really appreciate this.

Mark Kevin

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The Sherlock team are the most energetic, professional and down to earth team I've had the pleasure of working with in a long time. Their service to their clients is refreshing to see and anyone having worked with them, either directly or alongside will know this.

Bridget Matheson

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I have long admired the way Sherlock Wealth is run. First with Reg and now with Andrew – strength to strength.

Scott Hodgson

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