We are values based.

Our Vision Beyond

We recognise that owning and working in this business is a privilege and with that privilege comes great responsibility and opportunity.

The responsibility to guide this business into the next generation and beyond and the opportunity to leave the world a better place.

So, through all our actions both large and small, we always aim to ensure that:

All of those whose lives we touch are better because of us.

We do this by giving generously of our time and money to causes and charities close to our hearts and to the hearts of those we love.

And, whether it’s our family, friends, team members, clients or associates, we always make sure we are respectful, kind, caring, helpful and appreciative.

Our Values

Known as our ‘four suits for success,’ we clothe ourselves in our values every day.

We choose to work with team members, clients and associates who resonate with our values.

Be Excellent

We apply the diamond standard to all we do.

It’s even in our logo!

Be Caring

We love what we do.

Our heart’s always in it because we really care.

Be Direct

We are honest.

We are not afraid to call a spade a spade.

Be Appreciative

We are always thankful.

We aim to ensure the lives we touch are better because of us.

Your partner for life.


In a world full of choices,
this is why our clients chose us:

It’s great to see how Sherlock Wealth are growing. Andrew and Jacqui have built on the strong foundations of the business, bringing in new and innovative ideas for their clients. They have a strong team culture and are a terrific home for young professionals committed to a career in financial planning.

Alison Dummett

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Congratulations Jacqui and Andrew. I really love it when business owners make decisions, are focused, willing to take measured risks and are open to innovation.

Andrew Rocks

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Sherlock Wealth is 100% one of the most professional and kind offices to help out with, nothing but an amazing team.

Shannon McGrath

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