Garet Shepherdson

Financial Adviser


“From structure comes freedom.”

As an Adviser at Sherlock Wealth, Garet enjoys coming up with solutions for our clients to help them achieve their long-term visions and goals.

“My role is to be a sounding board for our clients, someone who they can bounce problems and ideas off in order to keep them on the right path,” he said.

Garet realised the importance of having a structured and informed approach to personal wealth management following his former career in the NRL. As a result, one of the things he enjoys most is showing clients how they can make their finances work best for them and, in so doing, reach their goals.

“I am happiest for my clients when I see the stress and confusion leave their face in the middle of a meeting,” he explains.

“A highlight for me is when our clients start enjoying a lifestyle that once seemed impossible, because they have the structures and the team in place to reach their aspirations. Plus, knowing there is someone in their corner they can trust, helps them sleep well at night,” he said.

When not at work, Garet can be found at the beach, playing sports or in the gym. He also enjoys spending time on the family farm and especially loves caring for the horses, even though he is often tasked with fixing fences!

Garet is a proud supporter of the Polished Man Foundation, which aims to help women and children who have been affected by family violence. He believes it is important to support victims of violence and build a society that is safe and supportive of women and children.

If he could teach his younger self anything about how to handle money, Garet says that he would avoid spending money on material items which have little long-term value.

“Instead, I would start investing earlier in something simple such as an ETF, something that looks after itself,” he said.

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