Sid Saha

Investment Associate

Studying: Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics)/Commerce

“My aim is to always exceed the requirements of my role.”

Following his love for maths and passion for finance, Sid is thrilled to have had the opportunity to join Sherlock Wealth as a graduate intern and is proud to now be working as an investment associate. Working for us while studying mathematics and finance at UNSW, Sid hopes to combine his experience and capabilities to complete his CFA or a PhD in Financial Mathematics.

Sid has developed a strong interest in funds management and is excited to learn more through working with the advice team at Sherlock Wealth.

A networker and optimist at heart, Sid likes to connect with everyone in the room. He enjoys meeting new people and bringing his positive personality to work. “I always try my best to help people to feel good,” he said.

“Discipline and a good savings ethic are so important. Spend on what makes you happy, whilst thinking for the future,” he added.

When not studying or working, Sid can be found playing golf, strumming the Blues or Jazz on his guitar and taking photos for his Instagram photography page. He also enjoys researching stocks and staying on top of his investments.

Sid likes to support charities such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. He has also recently donated to the Australian Bushfire Appeal and the 2020 Beirut appeal.

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