Protecting your wealth is the cornerstone of smart financial management.

Without the inclusion of appropriate insurance protection even the best laid plans can be thrown into chaos by unforeseen events such as illness or injury.

Sherlock Wealth can design and implement Wealth Protection strategies that may help you and your family remain financially secure in the event of premature death, total and permanent disablement, the suffering of a traumatic event or being unable to work as a result of sickness or illness.

Our longstanding and close relationship with insurance providers ensures we have an excellent success rate of claims being paid out. We have overseen around $25 million of claims made to clients in the last five years alone.

Sherlock Wealth protection strategies include the following insurances:

  • Income protection
  • Life and terminal illness
  • Total and permanent disability
  • Trauma and critical illness
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I think it is important to say that irrespective of types of policies, policy wordings, basic policies, upmarket policies, premiums and so on, by far the most important attribute of all is getting claims paid.

Getting claims paid is where Sherlock Wealth stands out. We are well known and well respected by the life companies with whom we do business. We are very pleased to say that we have never had a claim refused since our business started 45 years ago!

We promise that if a client ever needs to make a claim - we will look after them!

Reg Sherlock

We’ll prove to you that it isn’t how much money you earn that really counts, but how you manage it that will ensure you achieve and maintain the lifestyle you want.

Andrew Sherlock

Over the years we have come to rely on Sherlock Wealth to take care of all our financial affairs and to see Andrew as our principal trusted adviser. Sherlock Wealth not only provide us with a track to run on through the provision of a complete financial plan but they also ensure we meet our financial and lifestyle goals through regular cashflow modelling. In addition when I suffered a serious cycling accident, the comprehensive suite of insurances recommended by Sherlock Wealth were realised. We were able to have specific injuries and trauma benefits paid on top of a regular monthly income protection payment. This was invaluable during a period in my life when I was unable to work yet still had a family to support.

Dr Bruce Walker

At Sherlock Wealth we’re here for the long haul. In many cases over the years providing quality advice to generations of families who have come to trust and rely on us.

Reg Sherlock

I have been a client of Sherlock Wealth’s for more than 20 years. During that time their good advice and strategic planning have enabled my investments to ride the economic cycles for a great outcome. With guidance from Sherlock Wealth my superannuation portfolio has continued to comfortably provide the level of income I need and has even grown over the years despite my regular withdrawals.

Kay Barnes

Over the years I have seen the way Reg and Andrew change peoples lives.

Krystal Daniels

We have been clients of Sherlock for almost 20 years. During this time we have enjoyed a proactive, engaged association with the firm - always confident that our needs were front of mind and completely certain that should any form of claim ever arise it would be attended to expediently and without fuss. Impressively, as our circumstances changed they were anticipated by Sherlock Wealth and over time, even as our cover and risk profile increased, our premiums actually reduced. We cannot recommend Sherlock Wealth too highly.

Guy Bicknell and Jane Tribe

I have been a client of the Sherlocks for over 30 years. In recent years I set up my own self-managed superfund with Andrew’s valuable assistance, and the sound advice I have received from Andrew in relation to building wealth through my self-managed superfund has led to its significant growth over the years. Andrew is always available to discuss and analyse the various changes in my situation as well as the constantly changing market, andassist in implementing strategies to deal with such changes as they arise. He is always there to deal with my technical queries about how I can use the SMSF for the benefit of myself and my family. Additionally, without Andrew’s detailed knowledge of my insurance arrangements, I wouldn’t have known I had a right to claim when I became ill. Not only had they recommended the right insurances for me, but also recognised my right (and then assisted) to make a claim which I didn’t know I had. The payment I received from the claim has been life changing.

Mark Worrall – Managing Director, FleetCo Holdings