Maintaining Focus during market events

By June 23, 2021Videos, Wealth Creation

Maintaining focus during market events 

Following a prolonged bull market, concerns over the economic impact of Covid-19 have caused a significant market correction and subsequent volatility. When markets are declining, there is temptation to sell and retreat to safer, more conservative options. However, selling as markets fall locks in losses and does not give you access to the inevitable recovery. It’s impossible to predict how long or severe a market correction will be, but history tells us that market corrections are ultimately followed by recoveries. 

It’s important to keep your financial goals in the front of your mind and not to get swept along by media reporting and fear. Remain calm and considered in your approach. Stick to the fundamentals of good investing and maintain an approach that takes into consideration your situation and your comfort with risk. Investing always carries an element of risk, regardless of how well you manage it. 

We can work with you to ensure that your investment approach is appropriate to your situation, goals and tolerance for risk.

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