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Maximising your super

Maximising your super 

Taking a few steps now to boost your super can make a big difference. Engage with your super and check your statements, locate lost or unclaimed super and consider consolidating multiple accounts. You can also make extra contributions. 

Salary sacrifice contributions are paid into super from your pre tax salary by your employer. 

Personal deductible contributions may be made after tax. Contributions into your spouse’s accounts are not tax deductible but, if eligible, you may get a tax offset.

For low income earners, it’s worth investigating federal government contributions and the low income tax offset. Watch your $25,000 concessional cap. A $25,000 cap applies to all pre tax contributions. This includes your employee contributions and any salary sacrificing. If you go above these limits, you may pay extra tax.

Catch up on concessional contributions. 

You can carry forward unused cap amounts for up to five years as of July 1st 2019. You must have a total super balance less than $500,000 on the previous June 30.

Review your super regularly to ensure that the investment options you have selected are right for your goals, time to retirement and comfort with risk. Super is one of the best ways to save over the long term.

We’re here to help you set yourself up for a long and happy retirement.


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Making diversification work for you

Making diversification work for you

Diversification involves spreading your investment portfolios across and within different asset classes, industries and geographic regions. Diversification manages the risk-reward trade off by selecting investments to assist you in achieving more consistent returns over time. Once you have a mix of investments that meet your needs, keep on track with regular checkups and rebalancing to remain in line with your risk profile.

Speak to us today to ensure your portfolio includes a diversified investment mix and is balanced and in line with your appetite for risk.


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Maintaining Focus during market events

Maintaining focus during market events 

Following a prolonged bull market, concerns over the economic impact of Covid-19 have caused a significant market correction and subsequent volatility. When markets are declining, there is temptation to sell and retreat to safer, more conservative options. However, selling as markets fall locks in losses and does not give you access to the inevitable recovery. It’s impossible to predict how long or severe a market correction will be, but history tells us that market corrections are ultimately followed by recoveries. 

It’s important to keep your financial goals in the front of your mind and not to get swept along by media reporting and fear. Remain calm and considered in your approach. Stick to the fundamentals of good investing and maintain an approach that takes into consideration your situation and your comfort with risk. Investing always carries an element of risk, regardless of how well you manage it. 

We can work with you to ensure that your investment approach is appropriate to your situation, goals and tolerance for risk.

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Balancing Risk and Return

Balancing risk and return 

When it comes to investing, there is generally a trade off between risk and return. High potential returns usually come with greater volatility and higher risks. Shares are a classic example of a high risk-high return investment that can provide less stable returns. A bank account is a good example of a low risk investment that offers lower, but stable returns. 

Risk is inevitable when investing, but there are ways to manage it. Comfort with risk differs between individuals, circumstances and over time. 

Understanding your risk profile

To be successful in investing, you must understand your tolerance or appetite for risk and structure your investments accordingly. Time is your friend – longer time frames can work to minimise short term volatility. While your investments may experience short term fluctuations, over a longer time frame, your investment performance will generally show a consistent trend. longer periods may also give your investments time to gain back any losses. 

Diversification spreads risk 

Diversification involves spreading your investment portfolio across and within different asset classes, industries and geographic regions. Applying the principle of diversification to your investments mitigates risk by reducing the impact of economic poor performance in one area. 

Investing always carries an element of risk regardless of how well you manage it. We can work with you to ensure that your approach to investing is appropriate to your situation, goals and tolerance for risk.


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